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Stress Prevention at Work Checkpoints

Stress Prevention at Work Checkpoints

Date de parution : 6 janvier 2012

Auteur : International Labour Organization

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International Labour Organization

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Work-related stress is one of the most important issues in many countries. The negative impacts of stress are multiform and can include circulatory and gastrointestinal diseases as well as physical, psychosomatic and psycho-social problems. These in turn can lead to poor work performance, high accident and injury rates, and low productivity. It is therefore of vital importance to optimize work conditions and organization. This manual includes easy-to-apply checkpoints for identifying stressors in working life and mitigating their harmful effects. It also provides guidance on linking workplace risk assessment with the process of stress prevention. The checkpoints in this volume are good practice for enterprises and organizations in general, and they are especially useful for companies and organizations that wish to incorporate stress prevention into their overall occupational safety and health policy and management systems. Each of the checkpoints – illustrated in full colour – describes an action, indicates why it is necessary and how to carry it out, and provides further hints and points to remember. This publication will be essential reading for national authorities, company and organizational managers, trade unions, occupational safety and health practitioners, and other parties with an interest in workplace stress prevention.

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